Earthy Funky Folk:
These songs are what I call user friendly (2-4 minutes and digestable to the main public) yet innovative with a variety of styles.  They are guitar/vocal led with many interesting surprises such as the use of wind instruments, electronic effects, and mouth drums (yes....that is me, the classical flutist, doing that :-))  The lyrics are influenced by experiences in my faith.  The music is influenced by coffee-house singer songwriter, jazz, hip-hop, classical, funk, rock, etc.  I had a lot of fun with this music and hope you will too!


This is a collection of songs that I call Dances.  What is on this site so far is specifically Vol. 1 which is subtitled "We are Dancing with God".  It is just two instruments (flute and piano) on purpose as a reflection of the relationship between and a person and God, meant to flow harmoniously, as they sing the songs of life.

I suppose I would categorize this as healing or soaking music.  They are a reflection of my belief that God desires to speak to us in those quiet moments, in peace.  These help me get to that place of peace in some busy days or when a lot is on my mind. 

Happy Songs:
Well....these are just happy :-)

Silly Songs:
Again....well...these are just silly.
---Gotta Lotta Love:
Soooo.... my husband (James) and I (Katie) have been known to be...well...funny -- just to let you know.... We enjoy writing songs together and seem to be good - or especially bad, which can be good :-) at silly ones.  though the message here is a good one about our love, etc. the arrangement is pretty silly on purpose.  Just imagine us as two old folks pickin' n grinnin' some homemade guitars on a country porch, with a side of Caribbean fantasy vacation for a solo, and maybe then you'll get the idea....


This is a work in progress that I intend to finish....soooo...stay tuned and come back often for lyrics and new releases!


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