Flute Lessons or Piano Lessons:

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Online flute or piano lessons taught by Katie Hester.  Katie is highly classically trained on flute but also writes, performs, and records healing music , and sings, and improvises music on flute, piano, guitar, and vocals.    She has experience in nearly every genre of music.  The student can choose to combine classical tone, reading notation, and/or technique with playing by ear and understand how to apply music theory

(basic scales and chord knowledge as you improvise and learn to play known melodies by ear).  

Lessons are offered for 30, 45, 60 minutes. 

The student must have a quality computer or tablet and internet speed for an online lesson.


Contact katieflute8@gmail.com for more information or to sign up for lessons.


"Katie has been teaching our son for the past 4+ years. She tries to work with our work schedule and his after school schedule. It is a pleasure dealing with her and she is really great with kids" -- Sunil J.

"We love Mrs. Katie! She makes music fun and we wouldn't trade her for the world!" --Stephanie S. 

"Mrs. Katie is an excellent teacher! I am very thankful for more than 8 years of patient, but passionate, instruction for my child. She has helped my child grow and build self-confidence. I am so thankful..." --Alex V.

Getting to know Katie Hester better as a teacher:

Below are some questions and answers from my thumbtack profile to help you decide if I am a great teacher for you 

How do I stand out as a flute and piano teacher?

I have B.A. in music education with over 20 years of teaching a variety of instruments both privately and in school settings to nearly every age, level, and learning style. I have developed a way of teaching that is flexible and works great for many. I also studied flute performance in college, allowing me to understand what it takes to master an instrument. The videos below are examples of the music I wrote, performed, and recorded (on both flute and piano). I have taught hundreds of students, several of which have been long term (several years). I have a funny and gracious, yet bottom line approach that allows students to receive a solid education while still enjoying it! My hours are 9-2 Monday through Friday and 9-6 on Saturday. My weekday afternoon schedule is full! 

What do I enjoy about the work I do?

I enjoy watching my students succeed with measurable results. I enjoy the process of seeing how a student is wired and what works best for them. I love to see the spark in their eyes as they start to accomplish their dreams of playing an instrument or writing music.

What should you know about my fees?

My prices are set because of my experience as a teacher and musician as well as the rates in the area I live in. I typically collect for a single lesson so the student can try me. After that I collect the full amount for the month on the first of each month. I include any needed notes via email and am open to them sending me questions during the week if needed. Most lessons are once per week at the same time. Sometimes older students can handle once every two weeks. 

What is my typical process for working with a new student?

I communicate with them about their current level and desires as a student and take it from there. I ask more questions and talk a little more in the first lesson so that they can walk away knowing how to do something and so I can best know where they are already at. 

What education and/or training do I have that relates to your work?

I have a B.A. In music education. I have taught privately for over 20 years. I've taught in the schools for 6 years as a general music and band instructor. I have played in many orchestras and symphonic bands as well as in groups featuring top 40, jazz music, and contemporary worship bands. I write, perform, and record healing flute music as well as singer songwriter music that is guitar and vocal led. I am comfortable reading notation, playing by ear, and improvising. 

How did I get started as a music teacher?

As a child I was a very advanced classical flutist. I started in the school programs but it was clear I was talented very early on so my parents found me a teacher. I was performing entire Mozart concertos by time I was 11. At gate 15 I started taking younger elementary students. At age 18 I was hired professionally by a music store as a lesson teacher. I had my music education degree by time i 

What types of students have I worked with?

A large variety of students. I have mostly worked with beginner to intermediate students since that what most students are though I have had more advanced students. I have also worked with many special needs students, including autistic, blind, and deaf with cochlear implants. 

Describe a recent project I am fond of. How long did it take?

I had a two students that were in elementary or young middle school take 4-6 months to learn entire pieces of lengthier music that were much more difficult than their current level. They both applied themselves well and accomplished their goals. They both did this because they loved the music so much that they were willing to put in the effort. 

What advice would I give a student or parent looking to hire a music teacher?

Ask whatever questions you have. Their answers should be thorough and educated while having a nice and caring demeanor. Look for someone who is not struggling to have words for the answers you need. Be sure they seem to genuinely love music and teaching and can have the patient and uplifting demeanor and character that is required to be a great teacher. 

What questions should students or parents think through before talking to potential teachers?

I think this is really individualized to the customers needs. There is no one way street in the world of music teaching. Success means different things to people with different goals and perceptions.

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