About Katie Hester:

What can I say here besides I love music.  I own Homestyle Music and I created the lesson programs at 3minutepiano.com.  I started off playing flute in 5th grade and continued on flute only (all the way through music school, etc.) until in my young twenties when I started picking up other instruments.  I am classically trained, yet have a passion for many styles of music and pretty much don't function classically when it comes to piano and guitar.  There's no one way to describe my style because I write in many genres and often blend.  I would say that a key to my writing is simply learning how to rest and receive what is already there.  Much of my music is inspired by my faith, but some music is just for fun.  I love writing silly ridiculous types of songs and kids songs as well as those faith based.  I am grateful to have this website as an outlet for the gifting that I have.  I hope the relaxing music draws you to rest and discover Love.....and I hope the more upbeat music inspires you to shake a foot - or just laugh.  Either way, thank you sooooo much for visiting this site.  Spread the word and come back for more!  I will often have new releases.  I have tons of music just waiting to be recorded.


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